Monday, August 15, 2011

Rambling of a Sleepyhead

As things stand now, I’m set to enter the last cycle of my clinical posting tomorrow, which marks the beginning of the final 8 weeks of my ‘koas’ life. Yes, the end is near…and I couldn’t quite believe it myself. But before the curtains are drawn and I bid goodbye to my uni life, there’s just one more hurdle to clear. A steep and dodgy one, in fact. What was it? One word, pediatrics. Why? Lets just say I won’t be getting much sleep in the next 2 months!

Anyway, in a completely unrelated note, I found myself with an unhealthy craving for scrambled egg lately. Don’t know why, it just happened. Might have something to do with this video though…

Damn, those looked freaking awesome! Someone make some for me?

That’s why I had been ordering them scrambled eggs every chance I had recently. I like them a lil bit runny! :)

DSC01177Breakfast set @ Street Cafe, Sanur. Find it hard to come up with a complement for this…especially since I found a complimentary ‘baby’ cockroach (for real!) drowning in tomato sauce. Cockroaches love beans?

On yet another different note, apparently it was the 15th day of the seventh lunar month (in the Chinese calendar) a couple of days ago. In other words, it was the Hungry Ghost Festival! Guess it was only appropriate for me and my friend to pay a visit to a Buddhist temple nearby for blessings (especially considering what we do day in, day out). Not a particular religious guy, but I tagged along, since it had been such a looong time since I last prayed and besides, it sounded fun! :)

DSC01191No, I wasn’t kidding.

Oh yeah, before visiting the temple (in Kuta, by the way) Lays and I were in Galeria, Kuta. We were planning to catch a movie in the one and F***ing only cinema in Bali, but guess what?

DSC01190 We weren’t the only one with plans. Damn it!

It was utter insanity (to me, at least). There were I guess around 100 people waiting in front of the cinema before it was even opened for business (and it was already 10.30am). What the fudge indeed. So, we waited there for an solid hour (even met a couple of friends there) and then decided that it wasn’t worth it and simply left. By the way, the ticket counter wasn’t open by the time we left and the first show stats on 12pm! WTF!

Anyhow, we headed for brunch afterwards (praying makes one hungry!) and ended up in Vienna Cafe at Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak after a few indecisions. Turned out to be a great choice. Because they serve the best damn scrambled eggs ever (in my books)!

DSC01205Scrambled eggs with pumpkin seed oil. Not the most traditional version of scrambled eggs one can find here. Very oriental and just the way I liked it. Savory stuff!

On a final note, (before heading off to bed) I really had been hooked on making photo collage videos lately. It was lots of fun stitching stuff together (again, for me). Here a video I made to commemorate a trip my friends and I took quite awhile back. It was such an excursion…haven’t done anything quite like that since.


By the way, title of the song was Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson. I think the song really suits us well. Just look at the lyrics…

The storm is coming, but I don't mind.
People are dying, I close my blinds.
All that I know is I'm breathing now.
I want to change the world, instead I sleep.
I want to believe in more than you and me.
But all that I know is I'm breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing now.
All that I know is I'm breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing.
All we can do is keep breathing now.

That pretty much sums up what we do…

Sunday, August 7, 2011


found myself loafing around in the middle of the night with plenty on my plate (a growing to-do list) and zero motivation (story of my life). ‘Procrastinating’ is the appropriate word  here I guess…but no matter, tomorrow is another day (…or is it?). *sweat*

So instead of doing what I’m supposed to do, here a couple more montage of photos I’d taken with K770i.

SE09 Splurged on lunch last Saturday at Hana Sushi with Yap and Lays. Ordered over Rp200k worth of sushi during our brief time there. Squander much? No worries, we had a Rp100k cash voucher (considering how to food tasted, definitely won’t be coming back here anytime soon since the voucher’s gone).

SE10 Stumbled on yet another great place for breakfast and chillax (with a view too) near Petitenget. Loved the coffee (and also the fact that eating here didn’t tear a hole in me wallet).

Guess I better get back to what I was doing earlier…. By the way, here what I’ve been up to recently…

SE11 Paddy fields yo!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

SE K770i

Right now, my IXUS 870IS is probably sitting at a corner of one repair shop (I sent it in for service almost a month ago), waiting to be picked up.  The story goes that I accidentally ‘broke’ the camera (totaly an accident!) a few months back and now, I’m stuck with my humble K770i cellphone (a hand-me-down from my sister, mind you) as the primary photo-taking device. Still, that surely didn’t stop me from using said gadget to snap images of the food I have had (it’s my F***ing ‘thing’, you know).

The photos are definitely not as pretty as the ones taken with an ‘actual’ camera, but still…it serves its puropse~

SE01 A collage of random food. (clockwise from top left) There’s Nasi Bryani, Chicken Katsu Don, Bubur Kacang Ijo, Nasi Chap Chai, Es Teller from Me Cafe, Soto Ayam, Otak-otak, Tuna sandwich (which totally rocked) and finally…Starbucks Coffee (epic fail).

SE02Rabbit satay @ Bedugul market (not much different from the chicken version but with a ‘mushy-er texture) and breakfast @ Grocer and Grind in Seminyak (food was so-so while the service was all over the place, not worth the drive in our boooks).

SE03Afternooon tea @ Word of Mouth, Legian. The zucchini flatbread was awesome (Lays and CCC concur)! Nice and chick hangout spot…prices were bananas, but we’ve been to worse.

One thing I noticed when taking pictures with my cellphone: people can be quite judgmental, not unless if you’re not using an all-mighty i-everything.

SE04 Pizza lunch @ Chez Raymond in Legian. If the meal taught me anything, it would be French pizzas isn’t much different from their  Italian counterpart (are they supposed to be different?).

SE05Lunch @ Beach Cafe at Sindhu Beach, Sanur. The cheese burger and chicken sandwich satisfied out crave for meat and doughy-pastry tremendously. Drinks could have been better, but…what the hell, a relaxing meal by the beach more than made-up for it.

SE06 Breakfast @ Deus Ex Machina at Jalan Petitenget. Not the cheapest or the tastiest breakfast meal in town, but…actually there’s not much to talk about. Don’t think we’ll be back here any time soon.

SE07 Last but not least, this is where I celebrated my birthday (Riyoshi @ Sanur). Not the best Japanese food I have had (ahem!) but it was the company that counts! Anyway, thanks Yap and Lays for the meal! :p

After going through all the pictures, I guess they were okay…after all. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It’s been so long since my last update, it doesn’t feel like I own a blog anymore. It’s not like I was super busy all the time or because I had nothing better to write about either. it’s just…writing suddenly felt like such a chore to me nowadays (plus I’m becoming such a sloth these days, I have no idea how to keep up). It wasn’t as fun as it used to be, and it’s not like anyone cared…but what the heck, that’s not why I started the blog anyway. Guess I owe it to myself to start updated ‘more regularly’….eh?

Where to begin…?

Went back to Malaysia on March for what was to be a joyous 1 week holiday filled (to be brim) with laughter and, of course, lots of (read: delicious) Malaysian food (nothing beat mom’s home-cooked food though)! Anyhow, I must admit…no food in the world can give me the satisfaction or pleasure like meeting my family again after almost 5 months….nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling. =)

march11One happy family. Too bad Han Ni already took off to NZ that time. 

It’s always fun to be with family. Of course, if you’re wondering, Woon Woon IS a part of my family. ; ) After spending so much time away form home, I’ve learnt to appreciate my family more than I ever did or thought I would…had it not been their support and backing, I don’t think I could have lasted so long here. As cliché as it sounds, it’s damn true.

Went back to Bali for my Forensics department posting after the short holiday and saw lots of dead people (literally) as well as some pretty bad injuries (head splits open? Hell yeah!). One thing I learned there was…I can really stand some pretty bad foul stench…is that good?

One month later and I was back in Malaysia again for another short holiday (my last, in fact)…and guess what? I went to Macau and Hong Kong with my family! WooHoo! It was my first overseas vacation, you see (Bali doesn’t count!)…and I was so doped!

april11The trip consist mainly  of us camhoring, walking A LOT, taking the commuter train A LOT, having LOTS of local delicacies and also the girls shopping like there’s no tomorrow while me and dad stood around, doing nothing. Damn fun!

All in all, it was a fun and ‘fruitful’ trip (even I bought 2 pair of shoes! Weee~~) Sis and Woon Woon did a pretty good job, planning for the entire trip. We also managed to go around and sample some of the local-favourite eateries (according to local websites anyway). Highlight of the trip for me is actually this…

IMG_3781 Taiwanese Snowflake Ice @ Tong Pak Fu (糖百府), Mong KOK. Call me crazy but I rate this higher than the famous roasted goose (can’t tell it apart from roasted duck, heh!). It was so f***ing awesome we had it twice! Silky smooth and melts-in-your-mouth kind of goodness~ Yummy….

After the 1 week, it’s back to reality a.k.a. Bali for me. So, here I am now, doing my Internal Medicine posting…lazing around. Did I mentioned I moved? For sure, I did…not by choice though. We were told that the roof of our ‘former’ rented-house was F***-up by an army of wood-eating termites (from hell) and had no choice but to shift before the whole thing goes kaboomy! and collapses on us…which brings me to my new kost (hostel).

kost1 Nothing fancy, just a regular place to last me another 7-8 months. My only complaint: the water here smells funny…hmmm….

Anyone care to donate some furniture?

Monday, February 21, 2011

What’s Up

Pardon my (almost) month long hiatus. Recently completed my 6-weeks Psychiatry Department posting  which had been nothing short of ‘fun’ and enlightening. Thing started slow though…spent the first 2 weeks doing pretty much nothing (a.k.a. self-learning) in Sanglah. The only highlight worth mentioning was the home visit to one the patient’s house (a day after he was released from the psychiatric ward) as part of a mandatory assignment.

ruta He was convinced he had supernatural powers and the ability to communicate with the ‘spirit world’ (which control his actions, sometimes including hurting himself and his family). Classic signs of paranoid schizophrenia…not unlike stories I heard from Taoist Temples back at home…hmmmm

Was in a satellite hospital (Rumah Sakit Umum Wangaya) during the third week (to learn more ‘in-depth’ about out-patient mental illness…supposedly). Instead of fully utilizing our time (for example: actually learning), my friends and I spent most of our time gossiping and munching on snacks (when there weren’t any patients around, of course).

IMG_2300 was there with three other female associates (ahem!)

wangayaA nurse was selling Tape (fermented cassava, laced with alcohol), so I gave it a try. Turned out, it tasted better than I anticipated…it’s an acquired taste though…few pops and I think I (almost) turned red.

Went for a second home visit on the 3rd week. This time, it was a patient with severe depression (apparently, depression is much more common than I thought).

IMG_2296(01) The lady was pretty rich, with a nice home and everything…guess money doesn’t buy happiness,eh?

Spent the fourth week in a mental hospital, i.e. Rumah Sakit Jiwa Bangli. Yup, a freaking full-scale mental hospital with over 200 patients in it. Scary as it sounds, the experience was rather amusing…I mean, try talking to crazy people once in a while, you’ll know what  I mean (no disrespect though).

bangli01  Spent the week in the students’ quarter (within the hospital compound). No complaints there, (lucky for us) it was clean, cosy and well-equipped (apart from the leaky ceiling).

Met a foreign patient (a Canadian women) for the second time while in Bangli. The first time was during my second week in Sanglah when she was admitted for indecent and destructive behaviours. Those of us who were on-call the day she came in (to Bangli) literally screamed…because we all knew how annoyingly difficult it was to deal with her. Our fears were proven to be rightful, at least for the first few hours. Thankfully nurses were there to take over, HEHE… On the side note, the patient was freaking rich as well. Apparently, her ‘ancestors’ created silicone…guess money can’t buy sanity as well…

Of course, we did not forget to try some local delicacies (it’s not my blog if I don’t include any food, right?)…

IMG_2496Introducing ikan mujair (locally caught freshwater fish) @ Rumah Makan Matsya Kencana. 

matsya01 Ikan Mujair Nyat-nyat (with spicy gravy) and Ikan Mujair Bakar (grilled). Savory stuff, fresh and flavourful. Personally, I preferred the grilled version.

IMG_2512 A shop in front of the hospital was selling Rujak and I gave it a shot.

IMG_2513 No bad, really. Tangy and super spicy! (still perfer the Malaysian version though)

taliwang01 Travelled about 45 minutes (by car) to get our hands on the famous Ayam Taliwang Gianyar during one of the off-days. Highlight: all the chickens  less than 3 months old (as I was told)…

taliwang02 The jelly/pudding was quite good, I had two, HEHE. The grilled chicken (or more appropriately, chicks) was deliciously tender and incredibly intact…I mean, the head, neck and bud were all intact….woohoo?!

IMG_2582 Went to the night market /hawker centre (pasar senggol) in Gianyar for dinner during our last night in Bangli.

sangol01 Nasi Campur Bali was damn nice! Portion was insane and the price was oh-so-cheap! Two thumbs up! Our after dinner desert (Es Pallu Butung) was pretty good too (not as good as Es Buah though).

IMG_2609 Teehee~ dropped by Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka in Ubud before heading back to Denpasar on Saturday (thanks Enonk!).

IMG_2626 The portion was skimpy and the taste was, well…disappointing. Having tasted a much superior version elsewhere a few days before didn’t help it either.

So, that’s pretty much it…the fifth week of my posting was crazy hectic, catching up with paperwork and preparing for the final exam (on the sixth week). Can’t complain though, everything turns out alright, I suppose. :)

IMG_3122 There you have it…my 6 weeks in the Psychiatry Department.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Melaka Trip 2010 (part 1)

Just realize I haven’t blog much about my last couple of breaks back in Malaysia. Guess it’s kinda late to blog about something that went down almost a year ago, right? Or…is it?

Back in March 2010, my family and I drove down to Melaka for a day of food and more food. I’m telling you, we ate so much, it was crazy…and I’m not complaining at all!

P1050504Kicked start the day with some carrot cake at Jonker Street.

P1050507  Have had better versions else where.

First agenda of the day was the famous Hainanese chicken rice balls which eluded me, like…forever. That’s right, it was the first time I had my hands on them balls (ahem!). As soon as we arrived at Jonker Street (on foot) it was apparent to us, chicken rice ball is HUGE in this part of the world. The queue outside two of the more famous shops were mind-boggling (mom thought it was insane)!

P1050513We went to the ‘allegedly better’ (according to some floggers) Hoe Kee to sample the sticky blobs of rice.

P1050522Service was all over the place, the rice balls were too salty for our liking (we actually preferred the ‘normal’ Hainanese rice) and the chicken was…meh~ All in all, a disappointing start to our road trip.

Next stop after the disappointing start was the famed Jonker 88 Cendol.

Jonker01 Lots to see and lots to buy.

P1050557 There we were…another long queue. Insanity!

P1050542  After a long wait, we finally got ourselves a table and the cendol were served! Refreshing and cooling. Still, it wasn’t the best version we have had.

After cooling down, we went for some more walk along the streets of Melaka…while looking for our next destination: Nadeje Patisserie Cafe (we didn’t exactly know where we were going).

Melaka01 Along the way, we visited a temple and bought some ridiculously good pineapple tarts (two thumbs up!).

Melaka02 What’s the point of visiting Melaka without taking lots and lots (sometimes pointless) photos, eh?

After hours of walking (we couldn’t locate the cafe, even with the help of GPS), temperature was rising and so was our temper. Our frustration soon turned into delight when one good Samaritan pointed us to the right direction. Thank god!

P1050663We were here for one reason and one reason only: Mille Crepes!!

P1050689 Some of the drinks we ordered. A long black, a cappuccino, an avocado juice and the rest I just couldn’t recall.

P1050678  We ordered 3 slices of Mille Crepes (original, cheese and strawberry). They were gone pretty much as soon as they arrived. They were that good (turned out to be the piece de resistance of our little trip)!

That’s all for part 1!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Healthy Eats

People are calling me fat-ass all too often nowadays. Had to endure daily bombardments of people telling me how I’m gaining weight (OK…maybe not everyday, but you get the picture). In retrospect, does it mean I’m eating unhealthy ALL THE TIME? To some’s true. But it’s not like I have a lot of options though.

DSCN7051One of my staple food – Rawon (beef stew with rice).

DSCN6935Like it or not, Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) makes up a major part of my diet.

Doomed as I may seem, I tried to make sure I’m having something (relatively) healthy from time to time. You know…for the sake of it. :) Oh well, here are a few examples of healthy eats in Bali:

1. Cafe Zuttion @ Seminyak

zutton04To date, I had personally patronized this cafe (that emphasizes on fresh, local and organic ingredients) 5 times…a testament to its charm and how much we (me and the gang) like the food here.

IMG_0185 Coffee is a must-have here.

zutton05The tangy sundried tomato and outstanding omelette completely won me over.

2. Embun & Life Cafe @ Canggu

embun01An organic food joint smacked right across a lush and green paddy field. The restaurant is made entirely of bamboo and recycled materials.

IMG_0384Dropped by for breakkie one day with Cheok. Started off the meal with some dry and utterly uninspiring ‘homemade’ cookies.

embun02Can’t really recall what we ordered…both of us ordered juice and we shared an appetizer and a pumpkin soup.

embun03 I had a tempe sandwich while Cheok ordered the omelette. The food was alright and tasted healthy as hell!

3. Manik Organik @ Sanur

manik01 Yet another ‘green’ and tranquil organic-food cafe. Calm and cosy.

manik02  Was there with Cheok (as well). For drinks, I went for the pineapple juice while Cheok opted for ginger tea.

manik03 Went a little overboard here and ordered too much food. We shared the thick and fragrant lentil soup, a vegetable burger and a lentil lasagne.Food was OK and portions were hearty. No bad for an all-vegetable affair.

4. Green Ginger @ Canggu

ginger01Zuttion Cafe’s sister restaurant. An all greens and no meat ‘noodle’ bar. A wee bit far, but well worth the trip.

ginger02Was there with Lays and Cheok one sunday morning.  Drinks were light and refreshing. We shared a rather bland steamed (read: vegetable) dumplings as appetizer (just can’t beat the real thing).

ginger03 I had the Vietnamese flat noodle, Lays ordered their flagship Laksa whiel Cheok ordered the Thai curry rice. To end our meal, we had the excellent mango sticky rice. The food tasted healthy and savoury. much to our delight and surprise.

5. Boost Juice Bar @ Legian

boost01Doesn’t exactly fall into the category of healthy eats, really…but, what the heck… Freaking expensive and tasty as hell!

Before ending this, here a reminder (to myself) how unhealthy and fattening some of the food we had can be. :)

IMG_2239Pizza dough, bacon, salami and (lots’a) cheese. Another blog for another day!